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"Can You Stand the Rain?"

“Can You Stand the Rain?”

Beautiful write up by a dear friend of mine, the talented, magical Brittaney. Time to get inspired and remember the sunny days, weathering the storm, and how much we have to celebrate.

“Can You Stand the Rain?”.

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To Be…

To Be…


LOVE THE LOVE here! You can be all of those things and more! If you dream it, it is possible!

Originally posted on Cures for Curiosity:

Photograph by Florian Beaudenon

Photograph by Florian Beaudenon

A few weeks ago I discovered Sydney Campos’ blog (she’s also my roommate!) and her post, “You Do You, I”ll Be Me.” The title intrigued me and as I read on, Campos opened me up to an idea entirely new in the “To Be”…

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Personifying #Ideals

Gatsby PartyLet’s face it: you know within five minutes of talking to someone if you’re on the same page and if you ever want to see the person again. I think that’s the truth of it. I’ve had so many interviews and conversations the past few months I swear I’d make a stellar career search consultant (seriously could be an epic side hustle). Dating analogies aside, which totally work for job searching by the…

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Innovation @ Northside Fest 6/13

Innovation @ Northside Fest 6/13

My Friday the 13th started out in Williamsburg’s McCarren Park where Northside Fest set up its home base for a week-long South By Southwest-style conference on innovation, film and music. Complete with after parties and concerts galore over the entire week, the festival is in its fourthyear running much to the delight of musicians, innovators, digital media nerds, start up gurus, marketers and…

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Be Good, Go Give

Be Good, Go Give

LES Girls ClubWhy is it cool to be a do-gooder? I’m learning more and more that I am drawn to people who do good. Not just in their charitable pursuits but in their everyday lives and businesses.

What are you doing good? What is your company doing to give back? What can you do differently each day to give something that was given to you away to help someone else? I don’t mean in the material sense. I’m talking…

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You Do You, I’ll Be Me

You Do You, I’ll Be Me


Original Throwback.

Scratch that trusty old to-do list. In fact, tear it up and try this instead. Ever heard of a to-belist? Consider it an exercise in changing your mindset. I don’t know about you but tasking myself with limitless to-dos is so deeply engrained I rarely notice I do it all the time–even subconsciously. Change the way you view yourself and what you’re truly capable of. Put your…

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Interviewing: The Remix

“Every rejection is a gift. A chance to learn and to do it better next time. An opportunity to figure out how to bounce, not break. Don’t waste them.”

I’m not quite sure who says this wise snippet, but doesn’t it ring so true? Think back to all the times you’ve ever put your eggs all into one basket, hoping the job, the opportunity, or perhaps the relationship would be the end-all, be-all fix to…

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Is Mindfulness The New Black?

Is Mindfulness The New Black?

Thrive LadiesLast Friday April  25th I was fortunate to attend Ariana Huffington’s Thrive Conference in Midtown NYC. The day hosted a packed program geared towards women seeking new ways to align with something called the “third metric.” This metric is a play on words wherein the first two metrics are what we, particularly in American culture, traditionally use to measure success: money and power. The third…

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Why All The #Hashtags?

Why All The #Hashtags?

EarringsI can’t remember the first time I used a hash tag but I think at that moment I sensed my life would never be the same. Suddenly I felt like I was speaking the language I was always meant to speak. The world finally made sense, talking back to me one abbreviated thought at a time. Immediately, I was in love.

I was super late to the Twitter party because, quite frankly, I wanted to stick with what…

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Pura Vida: My Dream Came True

Pura Vida: My Dream Came True


My life changed forever the first time I ventured out on a one-week solo expedition to Costa Rica.I bought the plane ticket pretty impulsively after noticing a sweet deal on one of the many travel deal sites I stalk. I knew I always wanted to travel somewhere alone but at first I thought I might convince a good girlfriend or maybe a group to come with me on this one. Deep down I knew I would go…

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I Could Have Invented Facebook, But Then High School Happened

I Could Have Invented Facebook, But Then High School Happened

The future is social and everyone knows it, except for the rare breed that is somehow avoiding getting overly saturated amid the vast choices of connecting tools. My first social media experience happened with my 6th grade introduction to AIM–my screen names were so ahead of the times! I can attribute my super fast typing skills to the last night group chat sessions with Social Cloudall my middle school…

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